Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities Assem El Gazzar has stated that the total investment spent by the Ministry of Housing in Luxor, since President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi took over in 2014 until now, amounted to EGP4.743 bn, Invest-Gate reports.

He further adds the projects are in the city, surrounding villages, and the new city of Tiba, according to an official statement.

Moreover, El Gazzar says that the total number of housing units implemented in the Luxor is 13,900 housing units of the social housing project; in addition to, developing 13 unsafe areas in the governorate by implementing several projects with a total length of 18 km.

The minister also confirms that 11 drinking water projects and 12 sanitation projects have been implemented, including the Esna Water Station and the new Al-Toud Sewage Station, and the development of 14 villages.

El Gazzar also affirms that the total amount spent from 2014 until now in the new city of Tiba amounted to EGP1.567 bn, including:

  • EGP895 mn in housing for the implementation of 6,912 housing units
  • EGP 230 mn for the implementation of 40 service projects
  • EGP112 mn for roads
  • EGP330 mn for the utility sector