Head of New Cairo Development Authority Amin Ghoneim announces the implementation of the main transformer station has been completed in the Industrial Zone of the Third Settlement in New Cairo with a capacity of (120 M VA), Invest-Gate reports.

The station is expanded to reach up to (200 MV.A), Ghoneim adds, in an official statement on January 11. Furthermore, the implementation of the cables has been completed and the main station, as well, with (66 K. V) cables, which supplied the main transformer stations: Wataniya Station and the Narges Transformer Station.

Moreover, the head of the agency confirms that the transformer began to fill all the distributors, and it is estimated at EGP 5 mn. Cables are in preparation to be completed by January 2021. Ghoneim also notes that the station will feed seven containers in the entire industrial zone, besides supporting the electrical supply for the sewage stations.

On his part, Ahmed Ali, Vice President of the New Cairo City Electricity Authority, indicates that the transformer contributes to stabilizing the electrical loads of all factories in the zone.