The North Coast’s Marina Alamein Tourist Center, headed by Former Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou, has begun taking serious measures against forgers of the resort’s access IDs, aiming to put an end to frauds committed on identities of owners and guests, Invest-Gate reports. 

The center’s management has embarked on an ambitious program to restore privacy to Marina Alamein’s 10,000 families, through the provision of high-tech fraud detection systems, Zaazou said in a released statement on June 25, confirming that entering the marina with fraudulent IDs is absolutely impossible as of this summer.

Marina Alamein has become equipped with radio-frequency identification (RFID), QR codes, and digital watermarking, whereby cardholders got their personal data stored and linked to databases holding such details through their IDs. 

In the same manner, vacationers and owners will be required to issue parking permits that will also carry their personal information as well as their vehicle license plates, in efforts to address identity security and sustain the community’s privacy, Zaazou explained. 

According to the official, more than 70 fake IDs for Marina Alamein were seized last week before being sold in the black market. They were up for sale at a total value exceeding EGP 200,000 – or over EGP 3,000 per each.