Mazaya Developments uncovers its investment and construction achieved within only nine months since its start in the Egyptian real estate market, recording EGP 1.5 bn investments in new projects, Invest-Gate reports.

Mohamed Allam, chairman of Mazaya Developments, says that it all started with the launch of its first project in the NAC. Additionally, new concepts were introduced to the project, including the compulsory rent in a different and new way, besides presenting the concept of a three-party lease agreement that guarantees business rights and achieves investment returns for it.

Following that success, the company launched two new projects last May in the NAC. Moreover, Mazaya presents CO-WORKING SPACE concept differently within the NAC. Allam explains that the Gemini Towers project is located near the most important roads and axes, minutes away from the Green River, and includes various areas that are designed in a smart way that ensures the best use of it and achieves the client’s convenience.

For his part, Mohamed Moustafa, CEO of Mazaya Developments, indicates that the two projects are located on 5,000 m, with total investments exceeding EGP 1 bn. Further, the company succeeds in marketing the project’s first phase in 40 days after its launch. Gemini Red & Gemini Blue are both commercial administrative projects that feature a ground floor and 14 floors, the company also rolls out various payment systems for the project.

It is worth noting that the company’s investment plan is developed based on strong studies that ensure gradual expansion and seizing unrepeatable investment opportunities. Hence the company launches its first project and markets it according to a specific plan, then launches two other projects.