MedEx Healthcare Management Co announces its launch with innovative ideas and a value of EGP10 mn to provide healthcare services in the Egyptian market, Invest-Gate reports

The board directors of the “Medex” company consists of integrated key players in various medical development specialties such as (engineering, medical, administrative, marketing, and financial expertise) and includes Fathallah Fawzy, founder of MENA Group and vice-chairman of Egypt Businessmen’s Association (EBA) Consulting, Mohamed Idris, CEO of the Idris construction Company, Hisham Danana, and Walid Danana, according to a company press release on January 17.

“Medex has innovative ideas and thoughtful strategies to create added value for the healthcare sector which the state adopts strategies for its development and its private investments”, Danana is quoted as saying. “The current urban development plan requires the construction of more hospitals and medical facilities,” he adds.
He further pointed out that the company aims to cooperate with real estate development companies to implement healthcare services projects and clinics in residential communities.

On his part, Mohamed Idris says, “MedEx has an ambitious plan to develop the services provided to its customers and enhance them with an integrated and distinctive product in the medical and healthcare sector.”
“Contracts with large entities will be announced in the upcoming period, and the company is keen to cooperate in providing a distinctive product, He continues.