The Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities has announced the completion of construction of units and facilities in 12 governorates across the country, reported Invest-Gate.

These include 960 units in a social housing project located in the Amlak area in Salam City in Cairo. The completed construction work was undertaken in the govern orates of Cairo, Suez, Red Sea, South and North Sinai, Damietta, Gharebya, Sohag, Sharqia, Kafr El Sheikh, Beheira, and Menoufiya.

Approximately 1,100 units have been completed in the Red Sea, including 300 units located in Safaga, 496 units in Ras Ghareb, and 304 units at Al Qusayr, stated Mohamed Nasser, Head of the Central Authority for Construction affiliated to the ministry.

Damietta also includes a total of 756 units, 504 units of which are located at Shata Village, while 252 units are located at Al Zarka Village.

The Suez governorate saw the completion of approximately 1,104 units in Arab Al Dabour, west of Shohada’a City. Nasser added that another 1,008 units were completed in Sharqia, in the areas of Abu Kebeer, Al Mashe’ala, Heha, Al Khatra Land, Old Al Salehiya, Al Kareen, Al Husseinya, San Al Hagr, Masrf Al Ahraz, Fakous, and Al Khater Land.

The established construction also include 360 units located in Arish in North Sinai, 540 units located in South Sinai in the areas of Abu Zenima, Nuwebia, Dahab, Saint Catherine, Sharm El Sheikh, and Ras Sedr, while 96 units have been completed in Matbous Center in Kafr El Sheikh governorate, stated Nasser.

Beheira saw the establishment of 1,402 units in the areas of Housh Eissa, Al Mahmoudeya, Al Rahmneya, Badr, and Kafr El Dawar, and 1,048 units were established in Gharbeya in areas of Tanta, Basyoun, Zefta, Kafr El Zayat, and Al Mahla.

Additionally, 144 units were completed in Menoufiya in the areas of Berket Al Saba’a and Sheben Al Koum, and finally the ministry also declared that around 216 residential units are located in Sohag in the areas of Araba Abu Aziz, West Juheyna, and Nag’a Hawa.