Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, Assem El Gazzar reviews the ministry’s achievements implemented during the previous seven years since President Abdel Fattah El Sisi took over in 2014 up until now, Invest-gate reports.

El Gazzar stresses that the ministry of housing has been working to provide different models of housing programs to meet the increasing demand in rural and urban areas.

New Housing Units:

El Gazzar points out that about 900,000 housing units have been implemented in low-and middle-income housing projects, at a cost of EGP 390 bn as follows:

  • EGP 88 bn for 501,000 units in social housing, at a cost of EGP 88 bn
  • EGP 48 bn 156,500 for more social housing units currently underway
  • EGP 16.75 bn for units in Dar Misr project
  • EGP 2.08 bn for additional 6,000 units at Dar Misr
  • EGP 6.6 bn for Sakan Misr 25,920 units
  • EGP 10.15 bn for further 33,220 Sakan Misr units
  • EGP 3.05 bn for JANNA 8,064 units
  • EGP 12.33 bn for more JANNA 23,120 units
  • EGP 4.66 bn for 7,004 units
  • EGP 198 bn for 77,740 units

Housing for all Egyptians:

El Gazzar affirms that the implementation of the presidential initiative has begun, in order to provide all segments of the society with decent housing units, for suitable prices.

Slums & Unsafe Areas Development:

The minister states that around 195,275 units were implemented in 316 developed unsafe areas, at a cost of EGP 23.9 bn, and another 50,778 units in 41 areas are underway for EGP 15.7 bn.

New Cities: 

El Gazzar remarks that housing, utilities, and other projects have been executed in 21 new existing cities, with total investments of EGP 160 bn, while 21 new fourth-generation cities are under implementation.

Fourth-Generation Cities Projects:

El Gazzar mentions some projects in these new cities. In the New Administrative Capital (NAC), tens of thousands of housing units have been implemented in the R3 district, “Capital Residence,” the R5 district, “New Garden City”; and the Central Business District (CBD) project, which includes 20 towers, one of which is the 400-m iconic tower. This is in addition to the central parks project “Capital Park,” which is more than 10 km long.

In New Alamein City, various residential and service projects have been implemented and are underway, including the beach towers project, in which 15 towers are in the finishing process, the Sakan Misr project, the distinguished housing, the tourist walkway, and the Heritage city which covers an area of 260 acres. Adding to this, the construction of various utility projects, a 48-km coastal road diversion project, a 10-km South Marina road, and 13 pedestrian and car bridges.

Potable Water and Sanitation Projects:

El Gazzar highlights that the ministry has exerted great efforts to increase potable water and sanitation projects, as the sanitation services exceeded 96% in urban cities, and reached 40% in rural areas, compared to the 12% rate in 2014.

  • The desalination plants in coastal areas have been expanded through 76 existing desalination plants, with a total capacity of 831.69 thousand m3/day, and 14 other plants are underway, with a total capacity of 476 thousand m3/day, and at a cost of EGP 9.71 bn.
  • 54 sewage treatment projects were completed in Upper Egypt in areas near the Nile River, in order to preserve it from pollution.
  • 279 potable water projects have been completed, with a total capacity of 11 mn m3/day, and at a cost of EGP 61.4 bn, serving more than 60 mn people, in addition to 98 ongoing projects, with a total capacity of 2.3 mn m3/day, for EGP 16.3 bn.
  • 864 sanitation projects have been completed, with a total capacity of 6.9 mn m3/day, at a cost of EGP 67.1 bn, serving more than 45 mn people, moreover, 473 ongoing projects, with a total capacity of 3.1 mn m3/day, and at a cost of EGP 47.1 bn.

Road Networks Projects:

  • EGP 8bn for the completion of three national road projects have been completed
  • EGP 14bn for nine new roads
  • EGP 5.9bn for 11 main road
  • EGP 5.405 bn for 166 completed internal road projects across governorates
  • EGP 2.341 bn  for 46 other internal road projects

The Ministry of Housing has participated in financing or implementing a number of national projects in Alexandria and Cairo. In addition, the ministry is currently participating in implementing the projects of the presidential initiative “Hayah Kareema” to develop the Egyptian countryside. Moreover, the ministry is also currently undertaking the implementation of the development project of the Greatest Transfiguration.