The Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities is studying a plan to establish compounds geared towards middle-income earners, an official source told Invest-Gate.

The compound would emulate the models set forth by the Rehab and Madinaty compounds established by Talaat Moustafa Group.

The plan is currently being studied, and follows from the great demand that met the Dar Misr middle-income housing project established by the New Urban Communities Authority, the source added.

The Dar Misr project revealed the great demand for such projects, prompting the government to take steps to build a comprehensive middle-income housing project, rather than separate residential units in different locations.

The ministry is studying the possibility of establishing an area within the compound to be dedicated to Egyptian expatriates working abroad, after it received numerous requests from Egyptians abroad for the establishment of a housing project for them, rather than offering land plots in dollars, as in previous cases.