Minka Real Estate Company unveils NETFLAT, the company’s latest innovation within the Kinda Compound, Invest-Gate reports.

Eng. Abdullah Salam, CEO of Minka, explains NETFLAT is a new and innovative real estate product, which provides residential units located on an area of 27 acres in New Cairo. The project is to be implemented within four years, as careful soil tests and excavation are underway.

The company is adding a fully finished and furnished units’ option for potential buyers just to make it easier for them and to go along with the modern and new generations demands.

During a limited period, the company offers 50 units of NETFLAT apartments out of a total of 800 units, which constitute the Kinda-project. The company succeeds in selling the first segment of the project in a record time at the end of last year.

The project is inspired by the Canadian lifestyle, which is ranked among the highest standards of living in the world. International expertise and consultants from respectively Canada, America, England, and Egypt are being brought in, in matters of design and implementation of the project.

The project includes a huge social service building providing essentials of the project and residents’ fully-integrated life. The project also includes multi-storey garages to accommodate all residents’ cars.