Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities Assem El Gazzar declares over a- EGP 7 mn- expnansion plan for water and sewage pipe connections across several districts in the governorate of Minya within the framework of the ‘Haya Kareema’ (Decent Life) Initiative launched by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to support families most in need, Invest-Gate reports.

In February, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sanitation and Drinking Water Company in Minya Yasser El-Shahawy clarifies that the company has finished 300 water connections for several village communities in need, including Bani Haram, Al Badran, Dilja, Kafr Khuzam, Ezbet Al-Burj, and center of Deir Mawas. This is in addition to the implementation of both 284 potable water connections at the Samalout Center and water pipeline in Nag Jafal, Samalut, serving 100 families in Assiut.

El-Shahawy clarifies that the company has finished 300 water connections for several villages in need. The company is currently working on 1,350 m – long- water pipelines and 200 water connections for homes in East Shiba Village at Abu Korkas Center, along with finishing the supply of 2,900 m- long- water pipelines.

Furthermore, the company has delivered 3,500 sewage connections with an ongoing plan to provide unprivileged area with clean water. El Shahawy confirms, “The company’s financial and commercial departments are authorized to facilitate the delivery of drinkable water and wastewater services to needy families of the village.” This comes amid a signed protocol between Al-Orman Charity Foundation and the company’s CSR sector. Moreover, he confirms that the company is fully prepared to cooperate with all parties to serve the citizens within the governorate.