Cairo Festival City Mall (CFCM) joins forces with Misr Elkheir Foundation to sponsor a community school in El-Fayoum through CFC’s recently launched Festival Cares program, Invest-Gate reports.

CFCM aims to be an active member in the Egyptian market by utilizing a sustainable calendar of CSR initiatives, according to a company press release on February 2.

For 2021, CFCM realizes the importance of impacting the lives of children and youth through equal access to education and a better curriculum in line with the Egyptian Ministry of Education’s textbooks, educational materials, and extra-curricular activities, the statement reads.

“With Festival Cares, corporate social responsibility is at the heart of CFCM’s key endeavors. Through a sustainable calendar, we aim to tackle various ventures and beneficiaries. Education is a keystone to building a generation of influential individuals, who will grow as part of our CFCM community. Accordingly, we are motivated and proud to be endorsing the individual’s right to receive access to education through sponsoring a community school in Fayoum,” Hayssam Hajjar, general manager of CFCM, says.

The initiative is a part of the government’s vision to reduce illiteracy and truancy amongst the youth, CFCM sponsors a community school to give children enhanced access to education, especially in rural destinations around Egypt, according to the statement.

On her part, Amal Mobadda, head of the Resource Development Sector at Misr El-Kheir Foundation says, “This particular project is quite dear to our team. We have always been big believers in the importance of education as every child has the right to receive proper former schooling. We are happy to collaborate with CFCM to shape the future of many promising children.”

Moreover, Fayoum currently harbors 82 schools only, which are expected to cater to 2453 students. Therefore, CFCM’s efforts are essential to sponsor education and prosperous future of many children. With that in mind, the initiative also prioritizes the education of females in particular. The school’s capacity of students is expected to favor girls, who will represent 60% of the total students.

It’s worth mentioning that CFCM in collaboration with Misr El-Kheir Foundation will be refurbishing the school, including renovating the premises, and providing the necessary equipment, individual school supplies for each student, tablets, and laptops for a better quality of modern education, professional training for the staff, and essential furniture.