Misr Italia Properties Implements Precautionary Measures for Workplace Health

Misr Italia Properties Implements Precautionary Measures for Workplace Health

Misr Italia Properties (MIP) implemented a set of strict precautionary measures, following the recommendations of the Egyptian government, the Health Ministry, and the World Health Organization, Invest-Gate reports.

The company aims to combat the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, coming as part of its commitment toward the health and safety of its employees and customers who are members of the larger society, according to MIP’s statement.

Moreover, MIP established an internal crisis management committee to come up with strategic plans and risk assessments during the current uncertain times. This comes in line with the company’s core objective of protecting employees, customers, and partners, while ensuring business continuity.

The company started the practical application of these procedures through the sterilization and disinfection of all its buildings, offices, and facilities including housing units and public areas in its various projects free of charge, in addition to all vehicles. The sterilization process adheres to all advanced technologies and standards to ensure the safety of both its residents and employees.

“At [MIP], we are doing our part to help prevent the spread of the virus, while also supporting the needs of our customers, employees, and communities. We have – and always will – put the health, safety, and security of our people first. Our approach is grounded in our company’s purpose, which ensures that we continuously strive to make a difference for the people in our communities and in our workplaces to ensure we continue to serve our customers in the safest way,” Mohamed Hany El Assal, CEO of Misr Italia Properties, was quoted as saying.

“This is a rapidly changing situation that we are constantly monitoring. We are continuing to take guidance from the government and health officials and we will adapt our efforts and responses as needed. We also work on ensuring business continuity by providing high-quality services…[Our] Crisis Management Committee meets on a daily basis, through digital communication means, and remains in contact 24 hours a day,” El Assal continued.

In line with the government’s recommendations to reduce large gatherings and increase social distancing, the company has implemented a “remote work policy” for all employees, a measure that the company worked to gradually attain following the global situation evolved. In addition, the company announced the reduction of working hours for employees who still go to the office to reassert its commitment to the decision to impose a curfew.

The developed plan also included procedures for employees at the workplace and sales offices, as the company reinforced hygiene and exposure guidelines, while providing masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers for daily use, especially for employees who would be dealing with customers on a face-to-face basis. Over and above, the ITS team created an in-house online attendance solution to temporarily replace the fingerprint machines to reduce and contain the spread of COVID-19 infection and uphold the safety of its employees.


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