Misr Italia Properties launches two new phases in its Vinci project, Como Lakes and Imperia Gardens, at the New Administrative Capital (NAC), Invest-Gate reports.

The newly launched phase, Como Lakes, includes ​​standalone villas, twin houses, and townhouses. Meanwhile, the other phase, Imperia Gardens, consists of ​​various residential buildings.

On that occasion, Mohamed Khaled El-Assal, CEO and managing director of Misr Italia Properties states that launching two new phases comes with the company’s strategy to expand its projects in NAC.

El-Assal clarifies that the newly launched phases will consist of 818 housing units, and the units’ works will commence in 2022, while the delivery of the units to begin in 2024, with investments amounting to EGP 2.3 bn.

El- Assal remarks that Misr Italia Properties will cooperate with “Hany Saad Innovations will carry out interior and exterior design works, and Purescape and DMA will design and coordinate sites and landscaping works. They are seen as success partners with Misr Italia to achieve the pioneering within our projects by presenting various projects that attract clients and address their changing requirements,” he says.

Hany Saad, founder and CEO of Hany Saad Innovations says, “The project is distinguished by allowing customers to change their facades, which is an unprecedented opportunity in the Egyptian real estate market.”

Moataz Ezzat, head of urban planning, design, and landscaping at DMA remarks that the company has designed the project’s master plan in cooperation with Callison RTKL in the USA.

Walid Shoura, founder of Purescape notes that the project has a special character, as each phase reflects a different artistic era, allowing for more creative designs.

The “Como Lakes” phase relies on the surreal artistic era designs dating back to the early 1920s, in which the unit areas vary from 256 to 693 sqm.

While the “Imperia Gardens” reflects more modern designs, in addition to implementing a group of smart buildings. In this phase, the unit areas ranging from 138 to 315 sqm. Moreover, the units will include co-working spaces on the ground floor, in addition, luxurious apartments will present new technologies, including entering homes with access codes, Face ID for recognition, and Triple Play technology.

It is worth mentioning that the project provides an integrated commercial area, VINCI Street, and the company has started offering its units for sale.

Vinci is located in a prime location in the diplomatic district in NAC and spans over an area of 110 acres. Additionally, the company commences the project’s initial construction works in 2019.