Misr Italia Properties takes precautionary steps to ensure the health and safety of its community, customers, and employees, Invest-Gate reports.

Misr Italia Properties affirms it is following the precautionary measures and guidelines announced by the government and the World Health Organization (WHO) and has put them in action since the beginning of the week. 

The precautions include “work from home” policy by permitting 50% of its workforce to work from home, including all female employees, who are pregnant or caring for children under the age of 12; in addition to all employees suffering from chronic diseases. Misr Italia Properties is limiting attendance at its premises as much as possible, mainly based on the critical business need for everyone’s safety. Internal communication with all employees has been established for continuous update on all the safety steps. The company notes that they will send their employees tips and guidelines on how to deal with the pandemic and provide them with gloves, masks, hand sanitizers as well as stopping food deliveries. 

Misr Italia Properties has limited all its meetings and suggested online meetings instead, while stopping all business travel outside of Egypt.

As for the Misr Italia Properties communities, the real estate developer has deployed special teams for the sterilization and vaporization of all unit and facility buildings exteriors across its projects. The same service is offered free of charge to all its residents, who wish to sanitize their homes.