Misr Italia Properties (MIP) has announced the delivery of its flagship development in the New Administrative Capital (NAC), named “IL BOSCO,” making it the first among the private sector to handover projects in NAC ahead of schedule, instead of 2021, Invest-Gate reports.

This update reflects MIP’s commitment to proceed in line with the state’s urban development plans, said Mohamed Khaled El Assal, the company’s CEO and managing director, in a recent official statement.

He explained, “We realize how time plays a crucial role in the delivery of such a sizable project with outstanding quality. We have dedicated immense efforts to the development of the first phase of IL BOSCO to offer top-notch housing and commercial services to our customers.”

“We will deliver the first phase of IL BOSCO that comprises of twin houses and standalone villas, aiming at providing multi-purpose units, overlooking the dense green forests known as the “Green River,” to become a distinguished, exclusive destination for nature lovers,” El Assal continued.

Moreover, MIP has launched a new phase of IL BOSCO, called “The Meadows,” which will comprise a limited number of residential units, ranging from standalone villas to townhouses, twin houses, and apartments, according to the company’s statement.

Potential buyers are provided with extended payment plans, with equal installments of up to nine years, in addition to a 5% down payment, the statement added.

Regarding the second phase of the project, 86% of the concrete structure of the villas has been finished. Last February, MIP arranged customers’ visits to the IL BOSCOsite, to demonstrate the latest updates and follow up on the development and construction progress.