MODAD Construction Achieves Significant Milestone in Construction Industry Through Digital Transformation, Digitization Integration

MODAD Construction Achieves Significant Milestone in Construction Industry Through Digital Transformation, Digitization Integration

MODAD Construction, a prominent company within MODAD Group operating in the real estate sector, has successfully achieved a significant breakthrough in the construction industry by integrating digital transformation mechanisms into all its operations, Invest-Gate reports.

This strategic step aligns with the MODAD Group’s plan to digitize its projects, aiming to enhance workflow, foster collaboration, and achieve project success through innovative means.

MODAD Construction’s digital mechanisms are based on the integration of leading platforms such as Aconex, SAP, and BIM. This integrated framework enables work teams to access real-time project plans, drawings, documents, and schedules for budgeting, resource allocation, and performance tracking through the Aconex platform.

The Aconex platform ensures constructive interaction between all project stakeholders, including the owner, consultant, contractor, and other involved parties. It facilitates the swift exchange and availability of information to the relevant parties, ensuring that project managers have accurate and up-to-date data for informed decision-making and efficient resource management.

These mechanisms implemented by the company aim to enhance cooperation through integrated platforms, enabling effective data and information exchange across various departments such as project management, financial operations, procurement, and human resources management.

Moreover, the utilization of the BIM platform contributes to improved planning and implementation by providing an accurate digital representation of the building. Work teams can easily communicate, share design models, identify interactions, and enhance construction sequences and stages through the BIM platform.

The integration with Aconex, SAP, and BIM enables MODAD Construction to monitor compliance with ISO requirements in real time, ensuring adherence to international standards for occupational health and safety, environmental management, and quality assurance.

Hesham El-Haddad, Vice Chairman of MODAD Group, emphasized MODAD Construction’s commitment to embracing modern systems that facilitate operations and ensure the delivery of high-quality projects. He highlighted the company’s effort to collaborate with leading international firms in the field of digitization to leverage best global practices and provide exceptional services to its customers.

El-Haddad emphasized that through the integration of digital transformation and digitization mechanisms, MODAD Construction solidifies its position as a leader in digital construction. The company remains dedicated to offering innovative solutions that contribute to achieving optimal outcomes for its clients.


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