El Mostakbal for Urban Development donated autoclaves for Baheya Foundation to sterilize surgical tools and ultrasonic treatment devices, Invest-Gate reports.

A delegation from El Mostakbal visited the foundation and met some of the patients at Baheya, as well as, some of the women who have recovered.

CEO of El Mostakbal for Urban Development Essam Nasif said that this is one of the most important donations provided by the company because it serves Egyptian women in particular.  He also highlighted the progress made by Baheya Foundation to limit the number of breast cancer patients in the country, as well as, their awareness campaigns for early checkups to curb this particular cancer rate.

Furthermore, Nasef called on all private sector companies to participate in societal initiatives as part of the corporate social responsibility of these institutions towards society.

Baheya Foundation has so far succeeded in treating 38,012 women through chemotherapy and 108,636 patients with radiation therapy.