Mountain View Launches Programs to Support Talents, Technical Education

Mountain View Launches Programs to Support Talents, Technical Education

The Mountain View Developments Foundation (MVDF) announces the start of its first development program to discover talents, educate, and qualify technical workers for the labor market, Invest-Gate reports.

The program aims to foster distinguished talents, improving the standard of living for their families, developing technical workers’ skills, and providing the latest training systems to raise the level of technical workers to help them secure decent job opportunities and support competitiveness of the national economy.

MVDF cooperates with local and international ministries and business organizations to activate the aforementioned programs and ensure the achievement of the desired goals, as well as support the country’s initiatives and plans that are compatible with these programs.

The first program is implemented under the title “Discovering Champions”, by searching for talents in various sports, culture, arts, technology and science, and giving them the opportunity to show their talents and support the distinguished among them in order to prepare a new generation of talented athletes.

The second program, which will be implemented through the Mountain View Academy, develops the Mountain View International School of Applied Technology to provide students with latest technical education curricula with the aim of developing the level of technical employment in Egypt.


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