Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities Assem El Gazzar has stated that 74 floors -with 360 meters high- have been implemented in the iconic tower, New Administrative Capital, Invest-Gate reports.

Aş Şaff This is the highest tower in Africa, with a height of about 400 meters, in the central business district, according to an official statement. Furthermore, the Minister of Housing indicates that the central business district in the New Administrative Capital includes 20 mixed-use towers, and the investments of this project are estimated at USD3 bn.

Seroquel generic “Capital Residence completion rate has reached 92%. It spans over 1016 acres. It includes eight neighborhoods, with 24130 housing units under construction;” he says, and are distributed as follows:

  • 697 residential buildings, including 19944 Residential units, 328 villas, including 328 housing units
  • 157 townhouse buildings
  • 624 housing units
  • 64 mixed residential buildings, containing 2560 housing units, 151,360 commercial and administrative units
  • Nine mixed-use buildings, containing 674 housing units

He further adds that the construction rate of the “New Garden City”, exceeded 93%, and the area spans over 885 acres. It includes 295 residential buildings, 105 villas, 175 townhouses, and twin house buildings, 11 mixed housing towers, and 96 housing buildings mixed.

Furthermore, the construction rate at the central parks project at the new capital has exceeded 50% of international standards, easily accessible through an integrated network of pedestrian and bicycle paths, El Gazzar adds.

He also points that the project contains green spaces, lakes, playgrounds, bike paths, restaurant complexes, recreational areas, and a space designated for establishing future investment projects. It includes:

  • children’s educational garden & lake
  • Heritage Park
  • sports club
  • Central Square
  • restaurants
  • cinema
  • artistic park
  • boat lake
  • luxury oasis
  • Islamic Garden