Minister of Investments and International Cooperation Sahar Nasr and Lebanese Minister of Economics Raed El-Khoury have met to discuss the topics to be included on the agenda of the Higher Committee to be held in Cairo next month, Invest-Gate reports.

According to a statement, Nasr and El-Khoury also discussed 15 documents ranging from agreements to memoranda of understandings to be inked by both countries in order to strengthen the cooperation between them.

“We are here today, hopeful to move forward to get to what we aspire to reach in terms of a distinguished relation between both countries. This relation includes supporting the bonds of mutual cooperation, enhancing economic relations and make our partnership a role model,” Nasr addressed attendees.

They also agreed on focusing on concrete results and projects that benefit the citizens of both countries especially in the field of small and medium enterprises and information technology to provide job opportunities for both, the Egyptian and Lebanese youth.

Strengthening private sector participation in the development of bilateral cooperation through the formation of the Egyptian-Lebanese Businessmen Council is another point Nasr and El-Khoury agreed upon.
“Our presence today represents an important opportunity to discuss all the initiatives made by the businessmen of both countries to support the Egyptian and Lebanese economy, and discuss how to integrate them in the work of the eighth joint Higher Committee between both countries, which comes after a lapse of seven years since 2010,” she concluded.

On the sidelines, the Lebanese Economy and Business Group honored Nasr with a shield in recognition of her development efforts in the Arab world.