Nawa Pro, a real estate service, has launched the first integrated real estate platform in Egypt, Invest-Gate reports.

The new service aims at gathering all service providers of the real estate sector on one platform. The platform includes six diverse sectors, namely: Real estate development companies, real estate financing companies, construction and finishing companies, interior design and decoration companies, legal services companies, and facility management companies, according to a company press release on March 17.

“We took three years to study and evaluate the market conditions. The platform contributes to bridging the current gap of the information lack in the real estate market to be an important and necessary guide within the real estate sector,” Mohamed Ibrahim, CEO and managing director of Nawa Pro, is quoted saying.

Ibrahim further adds that the real estate market has been witnessing rapid changes over the past years, but there is still a necessary and important need for a single platform that brings the parties of the real estate system together to achieve the best experience for clients.

He also stresses that the platform was welcomed and appreciated by a number of the largest real estate developers who found the platform an important and strong opportunity to market and sell their new projects through a direct website capable of providing all services to their customers easily.

Nawa Pro organized a huge celebration to launch its new platform in the presence of a group of leaders of the Egyptian real estate sector, including Ahmed Sabour, chairman and managing director of Al-Ahly Sabour; Alaa Fikry, chairman of the board of directors of Beta Egypt; Abeer Essam, chairman of the board of directors of Ammar, and Abdullah Salam, CEO of Menak Real Estate Investment.