Eng. Ahmed El-Attal, chairman of the board of El-Attal Holding, announces that their latest project, Bayside in Ras Sudr, will be available for sale during Real Gate exhibition on March 25-27, Invest-Gate reports.

El-Attal announces that the project’s construction workers began in early 2020 with EGP 1 bn in investments.

Bayside extends over an area of ​​7 acres and consists of 170 furnished fully serviced apartments and a 40-room hotel. Units are designed to inspire a true Maldivian experience with modern facilities and services in harmony with direct sea views available to all units within the project.

El-Attal emphasizes that El-Attal Holding is committed to building Bayside in the finest quality in terms of planning, architecture, and interior design.

El-Attal states, “We signed Dr. Yasser El-Beltagy, Chairman of the Board of Yasser Al-Beltagy Engineering and Architectural Consultancy; for his long rich experience of more than 1,200 over 26 years, especially architectural design for several major projects in the new administrative capital and New Alamien City. In addition, we entered a contract with Eng. Hany Saad, CEO of Hany Saad Innovations to work on the design of Bayside units and facilities. This collaboration allows us to give our customers the best possible experience on Bayside.”

Additionally, El-Attal confirms construction as completed that Bayside is currently in the skills phase and that the project will be offered for sale at El-Attal’s participation in The Real Gate Exhibition this month.

El-Attal intends to start the delivery phase in the fourth quarter of this year with EGP 500 mn targeted sales to Bayside by the end of 2021.

On another front, Eng. Mohamed Al-Attal, CEO of Al-Attal Holding, announce the launch of the fourth and final phase of Parklane in the New Administrative Capital; a mixed project that includes administrative and commercial entities.

Al-Attal states that 85% of the first phase, 95% of the second phase, and 90% of the third phase are sold.

In addition, the company is also able to sell over 27% of this project to foreigners. In addition, 50% of the construction of phase I has been completed and is planned to be completed during this year together with 15% of the second phase.

The construction of all four phases of Parklane is expected to be fully completed by the end of 2023.

Parklane is the company’s first project in the New Administrative Capital with EGP 4 bn. The project is built on an area of ​​27 hectares in the R7 area.

The company invested more than EGP 250 mn in construction work over the past year and allocated EGP 150 mn to push construction forward during 2021.