Assem El-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, states that around EGP 3.425 bn has been pumped into various sectors in the New Beni Suef City, especially after expanding its total area to 25,000 acres, Invest-Gate reports.

El Gazzar indicates that the FY 2021/22 plan allocates EGP 222.821 mn, to develop the efficiency of the sanitation system and road networks in the city.

For his part, Essam Badawi, head of the New Beni Suef City Development Authority, clarifies that the investments allocated to the housing sector have reached EGP 791 mn, as about 51,549 units were implemented by the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), private projects, or individuals.

For the infrastructure sector, around EGP 377 mn has been allocated to potable water projects and EGP 640 mn to sanitation projects.

Besides, Badawi remarks that the investments in road networks have reached EGP 615 mn, to execute a network with a total length of 233 km, in addition, the total investments directed to the services sector have reached about EGP 269 mn.

Moreover, Badawi discloses that around EGP 597 mn has been pumped in the electricity sector and EGP 87 mn in the communications sector. Adding to this, the total investments in the agriculture sector have reached EGP 49 mn.