A new ministerial decision no. 218 of 2020 is issued to stop the construction of the buildings in the main capitals across Egypt for six months, Invest-Gate reports.

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly then directs the resumption of construction with a limit of four floors. This comes as several parties held several meetings over the past months with the participation of the concerned ministries: local development, housing, higher education, planning, and the engineering commission, according to an official statement on March 31.

Several committees are formed headed by the governors ’deputies, the engineering authority, and many competent authorities. Accordingly, the new planning requirements and controls are issued, which stipulate: not allowing new licenses for non-residential activities in residential buildings and changing the activity of residential units to non-residential use.

Furthermore, the committee issues a decision regarding the building heights, as the heights of residential buildings overlooking the streets are determined according to the following areas: for streets less than 8m, the maximum height of the unit is 10m with three floors; for 8 to 12m, the maximum height is 13 m with four floors; and for streets that are more than 12m, the maximum unit height is 16m with five floors.

As for the areas of plots of land and construction ratios for residential buildings; for plots of land with an area of ​​up to 175 m, construction is done on 100% of the land. As for plots of land with an area of ​​more than 175 m, the percentage of the buildings is 70% as a maximum.