buy modalert online india New Plan Developments has won the management of the Al Jazeera Casino project in Port Said governorate under the usufruct system for 20 years, Invest -Gate reports. Al Jazeera Casino project is a floating casino that had been suspended for more than 13 years without being used; however, the Port Said governorate had launched a public auction for the casino, as part of its plan to develop the tourism sector, according to the Governor of Port Said, Adel Al-Ghadban, stressing, “The casino will enhance the popularity of Port Said as a tourist destination due to its distinguished location on the seashore.”

topically For his part, Chairman of New Plan Developments Walid Khalil comments that the casino is not the company’s first project in Port Said, pointing out that the company is developing two projects in the governorate, namely ÉCLAT resort in partnership with Port Said Governorate.

It is worth noting that ÉCLAT is a residential project situated on 40,000 sqm comprising 350 housing units. The project will be delivered within a year and a half of contracting with clients. Moreover, the resort contains an artificial lake of 5,000 sqm.

Additionally, the company is developing a land plot west of Karawan village overlooking El Shaheed Atef El Sadat Street in Port Said. The company intends to launch a recreational, tourist, and commercial project on the land for 20 years, Khalil discloses.

In this context, Khalil remarks, “The village includes a variety of activities, comprising an ice skating rink, the first in Canal governorates, a commercial mall that includes famous international brands, 120 high-quality hotel units, and multi-purpose halls,” adding, “the company is developing Sahet Misr project, which is a park in the governorate. The park encompasses an iconic statue with a height of 17 m, with the entire development of the History Park under the name of Sahet Misr, to go in line with the state’s general trend in development and modernization at all levels of the Suez Canal region.”

Furthermore, the company is close to complete the development of the statue of Misr Um al-Dunya “Egypt, Mother of the World”, as part of the development of Sahet Misr. This statue is the highest and largest Egyptian statue in the modern era and is sculpted by the international sculptor Essam Darwish.