Egyptian Armed Forces Engineering Authority is on the verge to finalize Oyoun Mousa-Sharm El Sheikh Road – a new 340-kilometer tunnel road that will shorten the trip from Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh to four hours – in conjunction with the presidential June 30 celebrations, Invest-Gate reports.

Jointly developed by Armed Forces Engineering Authority-led consortium with Orascom Construction and Arab Contractors, the new road bypasses the towns of Ras Sudr, Abo Zenima, Ras Abo Redeis, and Tor Sinai, before ending at Sharm El Sheikh, with three lanes in each direction, Transport Minister Kamel El Wazir said in an official statement on May 29.

It will make the total trip distance 100 kilometers shorter than the older 540-kilometer route, El Wazir highlighted, noting that there will be 14 gas stations along the way, seven on each side, with a distance of 50 kilometers between each one.

With investments totaling around EGP 3.5 bn, Oyoun Mousa-Sharm El Sheikh Road is part of the first phase of the state’s wider National Roads Project.