Nice Home Real Estate Consultancy, aims to achieve contractual sales for the benefit of real estate development companies during the current year within the company’s marketing plan, in addition to increasing its contract with developers in coastal and residential projects, Invest-Gate reports.

Chairman and Founder of Nice Home Real Estate Consultancy Ahmed Samir El Desouky says that the company has developed new marketing plans that are in line with its expansion strategy, ensuring that it competes strongly with real estate marketing companies, especially since the company has started its first year in the market by developing new mechanisms that suit the changes in the real estate sector.

El-Desouki says, “New Administrative Capital projects, the North Coast, New Alamein, and Ain Sokhna are the most prominent targets of the company … and the company has contracted with 250 companies.”

El-Desouky explains that the company contracted to market 250 various projects located in the New Administrative Capital, the North Coast, New Alamein, Sokhna, and Galala next to New Cairo, as the company seeks to achieve the sales targets of real estate development companies during the current year.

El Desouki adds that “Nice Home” for project management and real estate consultancy aims to focus on marketing real estate projects for the benefit of developers, preparing market and advisory studies for investors in the areas targeted for investment, whether in new cities, in addition to presenting investment opportunities available in the market to Gulf investors and preparing detailed studies on projects.

El-Desouky believes that the competition between real estate development companies within the New Administrative Capital project is constantly growing and new players are entering the sector, as well as the interest of a large number of real estate marketing companies that talk about the capital project, including “Nice Home” company. This needs a mechanism to regulate the market at NAC, which It has become acquiring a large share of the sale and purchase of the real estate market as a whole.

The Chairman of Nice Home Projects Management points out that the opportunity is suitable for serious real estate development companies aiming to grow the volume of their business by focusing on implementation rates and delivery dates in conjunction with the approaching opening of the New Administrative Capital project, which is expected to contribute to changing the shape of the real estate market.