Assistant Vice President of the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) Kamal Bhagat has inspected work on 936 low-income social housing units in west Cairo’s 800-acre neighborhood, New 6th of October City, calling for a sharp jump in efforts for completion before the scheduled date in September 2021, Invest-Gate reports.

During the tour, the official was accompanied by Head of the New 6th of October City Development Authority Adel El Naggar, following up on progress at the 800-acre neighborhood’s social housing project, which will comprise apartments of up to 75 square meters, according to a ministerial statement on November 25.

An array of utilities and road projects are underway to serve residents of the social housing project, including a fully-fledged pumping station with a 20,000-cubic-meter water tank, Bhagat highlighted, emphasizing the need to accelerate the finishing of all projects as soon as possible.

In early July, El Naggar had announced the gradual handover of a separate 792 social housing units in the 800-acre neighborhood, as highlighted in an earlier official statement.