foolhardily Badr City will see 9,024 apartments completed by next August for the first batch of government employees to move to the New Administrative Capital (NAC) once the ministerial district is up and running, Invest-Gate reports.

colossally Some 376 residential buildings are being implemented, with a completion rate of 73%, NUCA’s Assistant Vice President Kamal Bahgat indicated in a ministerial statement on May 12. He added that this comes as part of the government’s plans to relocate 51,000 state employees to NAC.

Utility works are done on-site, including water, drainage, and irrigation networks. Meanwhile, asphalt milling is 75% finished and electricity works reached an implementation rate of 40%, Head of Badr City Development Authority Ammar Mandour underlined.

After a dip in productivity as companies adapted to health guidelines and COVID-19 challenges geared to staying healthy at home, construction works at NAC are moving forward in full swing, with work being stretched over two shifts and a 70% labor force present on-site, Reuters recently reported.

According to the news agency, the government plans to deliver two residential districts by late 2021, while the Central Business District (CBD) should be concluded by early 2022, said Ahmed Al-Araby, deputy head of the new capital’s development authority, noting that private developers and the army are building six other neighborhoods.

Once completed, the new capital will stretch across an area larger than Madrid or Birmingham and will comprise a central park twice as long as New York’s and three times bigger than London’s Hyde Park. Besides, it will feature Africa’s tallest tower, the largest church in the Middle East, and the biggest opera house outside Europe.