Owagik Developments partners with Operator For Medical Services on its latest 614 m- integrated medical center at its Owagik Towers in NAC, Invest- Gate reports.

Owagik Development Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Mohamed El-Sayed states that Operator Company has purchased two floors in Owagik Towers in Downtown in NAC to provide a fully-fledged medical center.

Additionally, he remarks that Owagik Tower is located near the Mosque of Egypt, People’s Square and the Green River, with a view of Central Park and the main streets. The project covers 8,035 m and encompasses 596 units.

“It’s a mixed-use project (commercial, administrative, medical, and residential), consisting of four basements, a ground floor, and 14 other floors,” he adds.

Moreover, the ground and first floors have been allocated for commercial activities, cafes, restaurants, and shops with a total of 82 shops with areas starting from 35 m, he declares.

He further explains that the project is divided into three different towers. The first tower is a specialized administrative tower that includes 270 fully-finished offices with air-conditioning, and areas ranging from 38 m. The second one is a medical tower that includes 104 clinics and medical centers, with areas starting from 46 m. Meanwhile, the third tower is a hotel residential tower with fully-finished 140 residential units, with areas starting from 63 m.

Owagik Towers features a 5,300 sqm-plaza to provide everything the customer needs. El-Sayed also reveals that the company has contracted with Tashawar For Healthcare by Dr Khaled Samir, to monitor the standard specifications required to implement a specialized medical tower at the highest level.

Moreover, he adds that Design Consultant Innovation (DCI + ) has been contracted to implement the engineering and construction designs, noting that Owagik Development has provided a specialized company to manage the entire project to ensure the work’s quality in the project.

Regarding the project’s targets, he reveals that the company aims to achieve sales exceeding EGP 2.2 and to pump EGP 250 mn of investments during 2021. Delivery of the project is within three years from the date of the contract.

Moreover, El-Sayed declares that the company plans to implement a specialized medical project in the NAC during the coming period.