Wangaratta Parsley Developments launches a new medical administrative commercial project in New Cairo, Invest-Gate reports.

Tamworth The 1,800-sqm project is located in the El Banafseg area of the Fifth settlement, overlooking several main axes in New Cairo, including the Ahmed Okasha and Mohamed Naguib axes, besides North Tessen and South Tessen Streets. The company has managed to successfully market the project, which was launched earlier this year, due to the project’s distinctive location, designs, and high demand in the area.

Mohamed Fathy, CEO of Parsley Developments clarifies that the project includes 38 units in the project varying between commercial, administrative, and medical units. Furthermore, the project consists of two basements, a ground floor, and two upper floors, and includes a pharmacy and supermarket with an area of ​​1,600 sqm.

Fathy remarks that the company plans to hand over the new project within 18 months of contracting, noting that Parsley Developments plans to deliver the project three months ahead of schedule, which has prompted it to speed up the implementation rates of the project.

It is worth mentioning that PRE Developments manages the project’s marketing, whilst KAD Commercial Property Management is managing the project.

Ahmed El Ashry, CCO at PRE, says that his company is responsible for managing the project marketing according to a strong and distinguished plan. It seeks to reach the company’s project for the targeted customers through the plan.

El Ashry adds that the competitive advantages that the project enjoys in the El Banafseg area are in terms of location, stressing that the project includes innovative new details compared to similar projects in the region, as the height of the commercial units is 7 sqm.

Fathy mentions that this is the company’s second project in the area after completing the sales of its first project. Moreover, the company plans to launch four new projects in parallel in the El Banafseg and Tessen Street areas. He explains, “The operation of the New Administrative Capital (NAC) enhances the demand for administrative projects in New Cairo due to its proximity to the major national project.”

“The mixed-use projects and services that are provided to the residents of New Cairo have been acquiring a large share of investor interest in New Cairo, in addition to the completion of development in the city, which makes it a destination for many clients and investors,” Fathy adds. It is worth mentioning that Parsley Developments is a sister company of Abtal Real Estate.