Global Pioneer announces that Pioneer Plaza, situated on Al-Amal Axis, will start pilot operation in October, becoming the first mall to be handed over and functional in the New Administrative Capital (NAC) ahead of schedule, Invest-Gate reports.

Pioneer Plaza is the first project to become operational, as it has all amenities and spans over an area of 20,000 sqm at a cost of EGP 1 bn.

Together with being the first energy-efficient building in NAC, the facades of Pioneer Plaza are designed and carried out to serve the purpose of resisting heat and fires. Besides, the mall falls under the supervision of a joint Egyptian, Emirates, Italian administration, setting up a competition-friendly environment.

Additionally, Pioneer Plaza attracts a plethora of world-class companies which wish to open affiliate quarters in Egypt. The company says that it sold nearly 50% of the mall abroad.

All passageways inside the mall were designed and implemented using fire-resistant glass, the latest finishing system in modern architectural buildings. This system provides day-long natural lightening.

Further still, garages run by automatic control systems were carried out, as all spaces inside the building and the parks are monitored using a modern surveillance system that allows data storage for more than 6 months and provides 24-hour protection for the whole building.