Porto Group announces its rebranding under the new name Arab Developers Holding, this comes after its general board meeting on Sunday January 9, 2022, Invest-Gate reports.

Porto Group Chairman Gamal Fathallah reveals that Porto Group has approved the new name Arab Developers Holding. “Changing the name is to reflect the structure of the shareholders, in the context of the presence of several Arab investors in the company’s shareholders structure”, he explains.

He further adds that the change of the company’s brand acts in accordance with the new board’s desire to enhance the company’s reputation in the market and benefit from its history, stressing that the company’s current board has developed a plan aiming to accelerate progress in current projects in a short time to fulfil the company’s contractual obligations to the clients.

For his part, Ayman Bin Khalifa, Porto Group CEO comments, “The new brand focuses on the integration of the stakeholders with the future visions and opportunities to create a group that can provide the utmost attention to the needs of our stakeholders.”

Moreover, he highlights that the board’s plan is based on the strong experience in the Egyptian real estate market to seize the opportunities that are offered by the state in the new cities.

” The strong experience of Arab Developers Group in the real estate market was the driving force for several Arab investors to contribute to the group’s promising high return of investment,” he adds.