Real Estate Registration Concludes in 7 Regions in Riyadh, Makkah on August 29th

Real Estate Registration Concludes in 7 Regions in Riyadh, Makkah on August 29th

The Real Estate General Authority (REGA) in Saudi Arabia has announced the commencement of real estate registrations in seven areas, comprising 18 neighborhoods in Riyadh and Makkah, Invest-Gate reports.

The registration process will continue until August 29, 2024.

REGA has provided details on the beneficiary neighborhoods in Riyadh, which include Al-Mahdiyah, Al-Khuzama, Irqah, Dhahrat Laban, Al-Sefarat, Namar, Al-Marwah, Shubra, Badr, and Al-Shifa.

In Makkah, the beneficiary neighborhoods consist of sections of Al Safwah, Dar Al Salam, and Al-Hijrah neighborhoods, as well as the Thakher project encompassing Al Jummayzah and Ray’zakhir neighborhoods.

The first section of the Makkah Path project, which includes parts of the Al Nuzha and Al-Rusaifah neighborhoods, as well as the northern Jarham neighborhood within the Jabal Omar project, is also included in the beneficiary areas.

REGA emphasizes that the selection of these neighborhoods was based on specific criteria, and the remaining areas and neighborhoods eligible for real estate registration will be announced in due course.

Following the registration start date, an ownership registration instrument will be issued for each registered real estate unit. REGA highlights that the new ownership registration instrument will encompass the property’s data, description, use, condition, subsequent rights and obligations, and the owner’s information.

Additionally, each real estate unit will be assigned a unique property number linked to precise geospatial information, serving as the foundation for registering ownership. This measure contributes to the sustainability and advancement of the real estate sector.


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