Sari Real Estate to open Four New Branches in New Cities

Sari Real Estate to open Four New Branches in New Cities

Sari Real Estate announces opening four new branches in new cities and governorates, as part of its expansion plan to transfer all its services to new regions, cities and governorates, as well as reaching customers of various markets, Invest-Gate reports.

Abdel Rahman Khalil, CEO of Sari Real Estate, says, “The inauguration of these branches is a new step within the company’s general strategy as it has a clear and specific plan based on several axes, including the opening of new branches.”

Khalil adds that the company’s expansion plan is based on several strategic axes, namely appropriate distribution of branches in order to achieve extension and cover larger areas, in which purchasing power is available. “Moreover, client needs a portfolio of major projects to choose from, which is provided by Sari Real Estate in portfolio of projects that it markets,” he comments.

He notes that the company’s internal expansion is the beginning of its external expansion in Europe and America in the coming period, which in turn supports the state’s plan to export real estate plus expanding marketing property projects for developers.
He further points out that the company’s expansion plan internally and externally is a well-studied plan and is carried out in accordance with distinguished market studies.

Sari Real Estate’s strategy is based on supporting real estate developers by connecting them to targeted customers throughout the republic, achieving the company’s horizontal and vertical distribution inside and outside Egypt, besides, opening branches in the governorates, which achieves the greatest scope for real estate developers, he disclosed.

Sari Real Estate’s CEO elaborates that his company does not only provide real estate consultation, but it also provides investment advice to clients to know areas that have an investment opportunities and are preferred to buy in, in addition to the nature of investment that suits choices of each client. Over and above, providing services to investors related to the establishment of new economic entities and various investment activities, with the provision of management assistance for economic entities.

“Sari Real Estate was able to confront COVID-19 crisis with full professionalism that enabled it to continue marketing its projects and relying on e-marketing technologies. Moreover, the company is able to continue working with the same mechanism and efficiency in the coming period,” he affirms.

Khalil expects price hikes in real estate market in the coming period ranging between 10 and 15%, given the global inflationary wave and its impact on building materials prices, which makes the current period the most appropriate time to buy before the beginning of the new year.


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