Schneider Electric Advocates Sustainability, Decarbonization

Schneider Electric Advocates Sustainability, Decarbonization

Schneider Electric calls for governments and companies around the world to accelerate their sustainability action and increase investments in technologies to reduce carbon emissions and bolster energy security, Invest-Gate reports.

The call comes amid rising energy prices, an energy supply crisis, and fast-accelerating climate change, which pose major challenges for companies, economies, and societies around the globe.

The mentioned challenges are the main concerns discussed at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

“Today’s climate and energy crises are an economic reality for ever-increasing numbers of people. As business leaders and policymakers come together at Davos, we must act in our own best long-term, not short-term, interests,” Schneider Electric’s Chairman and CEO, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, says.

“We must not avoid the tough decisions. There can be no long-term prosperity without a complete energy transition. At Schneider, our approach is to ‘Digitize Strategize, Decarbonize’ – businesses, governments, and societies must do this now, to make good on the commitments they have made,” Tricoire adds.

Schneider Electric offers deep insights into decarbonization trends and solutions, through surveys, research, and in-depth reports compiled by the Schneider Electric Sustainability Research Institute.


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