Schneider Electric recognizes the efforts of its distributors Electra Control Co. for the supply and installation of HVAC systems, Hybrid Systems, and Industrial Services Center (DATCO) for receiving accredited certificates for the Industrial Automation Distributor (IAD) program from Schneider Electric, Invest-Gate reports.

Eng. Ahmed Madkour, vice president – Industrial Business for Schneider Electric Egypt, Northeast Africa, and Levant, says, “We are keen to honor our partners to achieve further growth and provide added value to customers.”

Schneider Electric also honors partners who specialize in industrial automation products and who have broad coverage of the Egyptian market with the existence of an ecosystem serving projects in equipment production and integrated systems.

The Schneider Electric program is the model of choice for IAD programmers in the market, as it targets the empowerment of certified industrial automation distributors and differentiates them for customers in different sectors and considers the long-term added value.

Madkour states, “The IAD program started in Egypt in 2019 and is now a global program, dedicated to the industrial automation sector and specializes in managing partner companies that sell these products and provide added value. Schneider Electric is eager to honor its partners to encourage them to achieve more growth and achieve bigger goals. In addition, this honor motivates several of Schneider Electric’s partners to participate in the program and obtain certification.”

Madkour adds, “Schneider Electric’s partners must require a number of conditions to join the IAD program and obtain certification, including: Business size, loyalty, competence and willingness to invest. Upon completion of the program, the certified distribution must agree to the Joint Growth Plan Agreement (JGPA). In addition, the team participating in the program must have obtained specific certificates within the areas of work for the company to be eligible for certification.”

According to the company’s statement on March 2, employees that join the program become certified with specific curriculum following the tests they passed, and these credits range in levels from Professional to Master.