Schneider Electric, Magnom Properties Showcase Their Partnership in Developing Smart Buildings at COP28

Schneider Electric, Magnom Properties Showcase Their Partnership in Developing Smart Buildings at COP28

Schneider Electric and Magnom Properties have partnered to showcase their expertise in smart buildings during their participation in COP28 in Dubai, Invest-Gate reports.

The focus of their collaboration is on achieving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions from buildings, and promoting sustainability within the real estate sector.

Their joint project, the Forbes International Tower, in the New Administrative Capital (NAC), serves as a futuristic example of their shared technologies and commitment to environmental responsibility.

The Forbes International Tower is a groundbreaking project that runs entirely on the Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) system. This innovative system enables the safe storage, transportation, and release of hydrogen, providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solution for the tower.

During a special event at Schneider Electric’s pavilion in COP28, the partnership between Schneider Electric and Magnom Properties was showcased.

The event was attended by Peter Herweck, CEO of Schneider Electric; Walid Sheta, President of Schneider Electric Middle East and Africa; Sebastien Riez, Cluster President of Schneider Electric Northeast Africa and Levant; Osman A. Ibrahim, Vice Chairman and Group CEO of Rawabi Holding and Vice Chairman of Magnom Properties; Maged Marie, CEO of Magnom Properties; and Eng. Khaled Abbas, Chairman of the Administrative Capital for Urban Development (ACUD) in Egypt.

Riez emphasized the rapid growth of smart buildings and cities and the need for accelerated digital transformation to empower developers in enhancing the quality and progress of their businesses.

He cited studies conducted by Schneider Electric, which indicate that buildings consume approximately 30% of the world’s energy and contribute to 40% of carbon emissions.

The collaboration between Schneider Electric and Magnom Properties, demonstrated through the Forbes International Tower, exemplifies successful partnerships driving innovation, energy efficiency, resource optimization, and sustainability.


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