SDR. Group Contracts Location Investments to Exclusively Market Cascada Mall Project

SDR. Group Contracts Location Investments to Exclusively Market Cascada Mall Project

SDR Group Real Estate Development Company contracts with the Location Investments and Project Management Company to exclusively market the “Cascada Mall” project in the Fifth settlement Area in New Cairo. The company plans to start selling it next month as part of the project’s marketing plan.

In this context, Hesham Abd Al-Shafi Makled , chairman of the board of directors, signs the contract with Zeyad Yousry, the chairman of the board of directors of the Location Investments and Project Management Company. The signing takes place in the presence of Tharwat Al-Sheik, executive director of the SDR Group Company for Real Estate Development, and Hossam Mustafa, chief executive of the Location Investments Company, and representatives from both companies.

Additonally, Makled says that the investments of the “Cascada Mall” project will be pumped into the development stages of the project, which will be completed within 3 years to 2024 according to the schedule.

Moreover, Makled explains that the project “Cascada Mall” comes within a group of administrative commercial projects and various activities that the company is planning to launch in the coming period in New Cairo, pointing out that the company’s portfolio includes 4 plots of land in different areas in New Cairo city, and its development plan will be announced in turn.

For his part, Zeyad Yousry, chairman of the board of directors of Location Investments and Project Management, says that the company has developed a comprehensive marketing plan for the Cascada Mall project, with the aim of finalizing its marketing within one year of the launch of the project.

He further points out that Cascada Mall is located on a 4.3 thousand sqm- project and includes various commercial, administrative and medical units with areas starting from 45 sqm for commercial and 44 sqm for administrative units and medical clinics starting from 44 sqm.

Yousry adds that the company has put in place marketing solutions, sales plans and facilities that are suitable for the purchasing power of the targeted customers, including payment systems that start at 10% in advance and installments of up to six years without interest.

In related context, Yousry predicts that administrative, commercial and medical activities in East Cairo will see a 10% to 15% increase in prices in 2021,as demand in the area grows and new investments and projects will be attracted.


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