The Social Housing and Mortgage Finance Fund (SHMFF) launched its official Facebook page on May 16, Invest-Gate reports.

“This comes in line with the fund’s strategy to communicate with citizens via social media platforms, as well as offer electronic services,” said Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities Assem El Gazzar in a statement, referring to the customer service gate called “C Services” recently launched by the fund.

Mai Abdel Hameed, CEO of SHMFF, affirmed that the new page is the fund’s only official one, noting to it as a new communication channel between the fund and citizens, along with customer service centers and other electronic services operated by the fund.

The page will be an information platform, through which the visitor will be updated with all unit offerings, ready apartments, services provided by the fund, and related needed documents, as well as implementation rates in all projects supervised by the fund.

In addition, the new page will receive complaints and suggestions by citizens, which will be studied and addressed by different channels.

In late February, SHMFF signed a joint cooperation protocol with the Suez Canal Authority and Banque Misr to finance 1,200 units allocated to the authority’s workers union. Under the agreement, the bank will provide mortgage finance for the union’s middle-class employees, coming as part of the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) EGP 50 bn financing program launched in December 2019.