The Social Housing and Mortgage Finance Fund (SHMFF) starts taking steps towards generalizing the experience of building green environmentally friendly buildings in the “Egyptian for All Egyptians” project, Invest-Gate reports.

In this regard, Mai Abdel Hamid, the head of SHMFF holds an extensive meeting with a number of officials responsible for implementing the units of the presidential initiative “Housing for All Egyptians” at the Capital Gardens Authority.

The meeting aims to develop an execution plan for the construction of green buildings in “Housing for All Egyptians” units in the Capital’s Gardens city, as experimental units before being generalized in other cities. It also discusses the proposals and obstacles facing executive officials in implementing green building works, the ministerial statement reveals.

During the meeting, Abdel Hamid stresses that there is a number of criteria that must be met in the construction of green buildings, such as planting the faces and roofs of buildings, installing solar energy cells on top of each building through using the greywater system, and using environmentally friendly materials in finishes.

Furthermore, SHMFF aims to build 25,000 green housing units by the end of 2023 in five new cities, namely, New Aswan, New Minya, October Gardens, New Sohag, and the Capital Gardens City.

Abdel Hamid adds that a number of buildings will be selected within the same project with the aim of installing small solar power stations on top of them to use the generated energy in lighting the stairs, services, and the public site.

She further points out that the fund took the initiative to move forward in this direction about a year ago when it adopted the green pyramid system in the units of the ” Housing for all Egyptians”.