Chenzhou Sixth of October Development and Investment Company (SODIC) has partnered with the largest office furniture and interior/exterior systems manufacturer in the Middle East, Mobica, to bring a new office concept and an innovative lease solution for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Invest-Gate reports.

Quetiapine tablets Under the agreement, this plug-and-play concept, dubbed “Work-Plex,” entails offering offices and administrative units built and fully-finished by SODIC, yet fully furnished with Egypt-based Mobica’s quality furniture, all on a lease basis, according to the company’s press release on December 13. It will make its debut at “The Portal Business Park” in SODIC West, which covers over 30,000 square meters of Class A workspaces, and is planned to be offered across all SODIC commercial projects at a later stage.

Commenting on the move, SODIC Managing Director Magued Sherif indicated, “The newly-introduced office solution is one of many new innovative concepts we are rolling out to the market, in line with our customer focus approach.

Clients will be able to choose their tailored layouts and preferred interior look and feel. “The wide range of office sizes and innovative young furniture designs at cost-competitive prices will successfully cater to the taste and needs of a wide segment of office-seekers,” the statement noted.

Work-Plex is custom-designed to meet the market’s new needs by enabling prospective customers to start their business with no initial investment, making way for an easily accessible, efficient, and hassle-free experience.