Deputy Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities for National Projects Khaled Abbas visits “Soor Magra-El-Oyoun” development project, accompanied by Mohamed El Ghamrawy, head of the Development Authority of Soor Magra-El-Oyoun, Maspero Triangle, Ain Al-Sira and Al-Mawardi, and other officials, invest-Gate reports.

According to the official statement, this inspection tour aims to follow up on the work progress at the site and overcome any obstacles facing the project. The officials start the tour by inspecting the construction and finishing work being implemented in the commercial entertainment building. Besides, the tour includes a number of housing units.

On the tour sidelines, Abbas holds a meeting with officials of consulting offices and developing companies to follow up on implementation rate and the completion timetable, calling for an acceleration to complete projects on scheduled dates.

Abbas remarks that the concrete structure work has been completed for a number of buildings in the project, in parallel with the implementation of internal and external finishing works. Moreover, he declares that the rest of the buildings are being implemented at advanced rates.

It’s noteworthy that the “Soor Magra-El-Oyoun” development project the implementation of 79 buildings of different heights, comprising 1924 housing units, and 18 commercial units on the ground floor of some buildings.

Additionally, an administrative, entertainment, and commercial mall covering 51,000 sqm, 1,355 cars- garage, and main open theatre in front of the mall. ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎