Tabarak Holds Annual Party in Kuwait in the presence of Egyptian Ambassador

Tabarak Holds Annual Party in Kuwait in the presence of Egyptian Ambassador

Ali Shorbani, chairman of Tabarak Developments, says that real estate is the best investment currently in Egypt, as indicators show that it is the most profitable and a safe haven for those looking for a better investment opportunity, Invest-Gate reports.

Shorbani explains that Egypt has an investment climate with competitive advantages, thanks to its economic reform, social development, political stability and major national projects.

Moreover, Egypt spends about USD 143 bn on infrastructure projects, equivalent to EGP 2.3 trillion during the last 7 years while roads and bridges investments have reached more than USD 1.8 bn in the 3 years. This is part of an integrated project that will continue to be implemented within 3 years with a budget of USD 11 bn, in addition to implementing the largest express train project worth USD 23 bn and the Monorail project worth USD 3.5 bn.

Egypt has transformed from a powerless to an exporting country in energy and electricity, after spending about EGP 335 bn in the electricity production field, adding to its electrical capabilities through 31 new stations and the largest integrated solar power complex in the region and has become among the top 20 countries attractive investment in renewable energy.

All of this makes Egypt a safe destination for serious investment, in light of the various investment opportunities and the huge consumer market.

“The official statistics that include national and foreign investments in the real estate sector amount EGP 3 trillion during the last 7 years with a profit margin from 20% to 65% depending on investment period and a growth rate of more than 10% in 2022, amid expectations of exceeding in the coming years so that real estate will is the best investment field in Egypt,” Shorbani concludes.


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