Tabarak Developments has announced the launch of Egypt’s first e-payment platform to allow buyers to purchase properties while at the comfort and safety of their homes, in line with the government’s plans for digitization, Invest-Gate reports.

“The new platform will help in saving time and effort and; it is part of the safety precautions against COVID-19,” Tabarak Developments CEO Ali El Shorbani was quoted as saying in the company’s recent press release.

The new e-payment system is operational for the high-end 90 Avenue project, including its first phase, which is in progress for delivery by the end of 2020; along with “Capital East” in Nasr City, comprising 400 homes. More significantly, this tool will be of importance for Tabarak’s project “Fantasia” in Ras Sudr, according to the statement.

On his part, Mahitab Labib, head of marketing, affirmed, “Our strategy has always been customer-centric that aims to provide our clients with cutting edge solutions, which are reflected in our slogan ‘Building Choices’… choices are not limited to choosing the design of their homes, but the lifestyle that suits them as well.”

Labib further explained,” We created a secure, efficient e-payment system for the comfort and safety of our customers that follows the standards of  our privacy and security measures.”