Tatweer Misr Signs New Agreements with UNGCNE, Joins ABLC in COP28

Tatweer Misr Signs New Agreements with UNGCNE, Joins ABLC in COP28

Tatweer Misr has announced its active participation in COP28, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and climate action, Invest-Gate reports.

The company has signed new agreements and initiatives in collaboration with the United Nations Global Compact Network Egypt (UNGCNE) and other organizations.

One of the significant developments is Tatweer Misr joining the Africa Business Leaders Coalition (ABLC) through a partnership with UNGCNE. This coalition, comprised of private sector leaders from nearly 60 companies, focuses on climate action and sustainability in line with global principles and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Tatweer Misr’s involvement in ABLC provides an opportunity for the company to collaborate with similar entities, exchange experiences, and gather information that supports the sustainable transformation process.

Furthermore, Tatweer Misr has launched the Built Environment Sustainable Transformation (BEST) initiative, with Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, President & CEO of Tatweer Misr, being selected as a representative on the initiative’s advisory board. BEST aims to promote sustainable practices within the built environment sector, emphasizing the importance of environmentally friendly and socially responsible development.

In addition to these initiatives, Tatweer Misr supports the Tatweer Misr annual innovation competition, which encourages innovative solutions and ideas related to sustainability and climate change.

During COP28, Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, as a representative of the company, participated in various discussion sessions held at the Egypt and United Nations pavilions. This involvement highlights the company’s active engagement in climate-related discussions and its commitment to contributing to global sustainability efforts.


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