UC Developments launches its new and third project, East Tower Capital, in the Central Business District (CBD) in the New Administrative Capital (NAC), with total investments worth EGP 6.5 bn, Invest-Gate reports.

The 40-story skyscraper includes commercial, administrative, and hotel units, fronting the iconic tower and the Green River and overlooking the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed. Besides, the 160-m tower spans over 12,000 sqm and consists of a ground floor, 40 lofts, and five garages.

Furthermore, the spaces of commercial and administrative units in the East Tower start from 35 sqm, while the areas of hotel units start from 40 sqm.

As regards the prices, the administrative units start from EGP 40,000 per sqm; meanwhile, the prices of commercial units start from EGP 120,000 per sqm, and the prices of hotel units start from EGP 55,000 per sqm.

It is worth noting that UC Developments arranges contracts with eight experts and consulting companies to collaborate on the project.