UK Remains Best Option for Property Investment for Nigerians

UK Remains Best Option for Property Investment for Nigerians

Property investment company, Baron & Cabot, urges Nigerians to take advantage of UK’s friendly real estate law and invest in properties, Invest-Gate reports.

The company attributes the reason that the UK is one of the best options to consider in terms of property investment.

Mark Pearson, founder and managing of Baron & Cabot, says it is wise for Nigerians to invest in properties somewhere they will not need to think of inflation and in addition, will get adequate returns on their investment.

“There are multiple benefits when you invest in UK property, one of them is inflation, you know that when you buy the property in Nigeria, rent it out and make a profit in naira. When the money is converted to the dollar or pounds, you lose money because of inflation,” Pearson adds.

“With £50,000 to £200,000 you can start your UK property investment. Within three to five years, based on your mortgage plan, you will be looking at double your return. With that, you will be looking at using that return to buy another property,” notes.

It is worth mentioning that investing in UK property helps Nigerians and other African investors to raise their investments against inflation because it is one of the stable and oldest property markets and is well established.

Speaking further, Pearson explains that the presence of Baron & Cabot in Nigeria and Kenya has greatly impacted property investment and sourcing in the UK, thus creating more options for investors.



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