Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities Assem El Gazzar states that the Ministry of Housing’s total investments in Upper Egypt governorates since 2014 amount to EGP 83 bn, Invest-Gate reports.

Establishing various development projects to develop Upper Egypt governorates achieves comprehensive economic and social development for people in Upper Egypt, El Gazzar states on April 21.

The minister explains that since President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi took office, the state paid attention to Upper Egypt development, in line with Egypt’s 2030 vision, providing various services at the highest level through establishment of new cities, and providing lands and housing units of various types, meeting demands of all society’s segments.

Additionally, implementing the presidential initiative A Decent Life and developing the Egyptian countryside will provide investment and job opportunities. The project will incorporate drinking water and sanitation projects, and develop informal areas to provide meet Upper Egypt demands.

El Gazzar adds that total investments in Upper Egypt are distributed as follows: EGP 21.057 bn in the housing sector for the construction of 130,892 housing units; EGP 390.5 mn in the informal development sector for development of 94 areas with 36,869 housing units; EGP 11.893 bn in the road sector implementing 931 km main roads and internal roads in new cities; and EGP 43.595 bn in the utilities sector, utilizing 271 projects, connecting drinking water and sanitation services, and 1,654 projects replacing renewing existing networks and stations. Finally, EGP 5.504 bn in the services sector, for construction of 526 service buildings.

The ministry has worked in developing Upper Egypt governorates through 3 axes. The first axis relates to existing cities development projects in Upper Egypt governorates, at a cost of EGP 45.7 bn, implementing housing units, service projects, road networks and facilities, and developing informal areas.

The second axis involves implantation of various projects in the new cities at a cost of EGP 26 bn, while third axis encompasses execution of projects in the fourth generation cities, with the cost of EGP 11.2 bn.