Urban Edge Developments Partners with MRB for Management, Operation of New Project in Fifth Settlement

Urban Edge Developments Partners with MRB for Management, Operation of New Project in Fifth Settlement

Urban Edge Developments has announced a contract with MRB, appointing them as the management and operating consultant for their project in the Fifth Settlement, Invest-Gate reports.

This partnership is an integral part of Urban Edge Developments’ expansion plan for 2024.

Hussein Mahran, Head of the Sales Sector for Urban Edge Developments, stated that a comprehensive contract was finalized between the two companies, designating MRB as the consultant responsible for managing and operating the project. Mahran highlighted that the contract encompasses four stages of collaboration.

The first stage involves designing the project to ensure the creation of suitable operational spaces. This includes reviewing architectural designs from both technical and operational perspectives to meet facility and operational requirements.

The second stage entails developing a successful activity distribution plan based on a thorough area study, catering to the needs of the local residents.

The third stage focuses on formulating a maintenance plan, as well as guidelines and regulations for the mall.

Finally, the fourth stage involves linking development to investment in the actual operational phase, leveraging MRB’s extensive experience in consulting for the management and operation of commercial malls.

Mahran further explained that MRB was chosen as the consultant due to their expertise and track record in the field. MRB’s involvement ensures the utilization of appropriate spaces tailored to the mall’s unique brand and requirements. Additionally, they will develop a comprehensive and effective maintenance plan, aiming to achieve energy efficiency during the design phase and reduce operating costs by up to 40% over the facility’s lifespan.

Mohammed Rashid, CEO of MRB, expressed his satisfaction in partnering with Urban Edge Developments. He emphasized their commitment to fulfilling all investment requirements for the project and ensuring the maintenance deposit is maintained during the operational phase.


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